Online ACH Processing

Supporting B2B, B2C and some
C2C transactions.

Receive Reports & Analytics

Flexibility and control with online
access to transaction summaries and reports.

Customer Support

Our experienced team offers support services
to your consumer base.

Compliance Assistance &
Risk Mitigation

Ensure compliance, manage risk
and reduce consumer fraud.


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About Telebuy

Telebuy is a robust payment processing platform that caters to Small to Medium Businesses/Merchants (SMBs). Collectively, the Telebuy team has decades of experience and holds multiple patents in the ecommerce industry.

Its predecessor company Navaho Networks innovated 900 Pay, real-time checking, online debit and several other payment solutions.

"Offering merchants flexibility, control and customised service while
ensuring compliance."


Our Full Suite of Services

Online ACH Processing

Supporting Business to Business, Business to Consumer and Some Consumer to Consumer Transactions with:

  • Multiple FI Connectivity
  • Merchant Adjudication
  • Merchant Underwriting
  • Reduction of ACH Returns

Reports & Analytics

Flexibility and Control with Online Access to Transaction Summaries and Detailed Reports:

  • Meeting the Needs of Most Business and Finance Teams
  • Comprehensive Daily/Periodic Reporting
  • Regular Settlement Summaries
  • Both Planned and Ad Hoc Reporting Available

Mobile Integration

An Open/Close Loop Processing Platform Easily Integrated to Your Mobile Extension:

  • With Consumer-driven Functions Including Feedback and Requests for Information
  • Integration to Back-Office to Support Existing Inventory
  • Customer and Operation Support
  • Supporting Most Merchant Security Requirements

Compliance & Risk

Ensure Compliance, Manage Risk and Reduce Consumer Fraud with:

  • Expert Advice on Strong Compliance
  • Strong KYC and AML
  • Internal Fraud Screening Tools and Partnerships with Multiple 3rd Party Services
  • A Rigid Audit Process

Customer Support Services

Enhance Support Services to Consumer Base with an Experienced Customer Service Team:

  • Accepting Customer Support Calls
  • Providing Operational Functions (such as Refunds and Investigations)
  • Available Monday through Friday, 8AM to 8PM EST
  • Providing Integration into our IVR

Payment Engine

A Flexible Engine with Configurable Registration, Service Offerings and Other User Base Program Requirements:

  • Connecting to Most User Front Ends
  • Supporting Multiple Currencies and Languages
  • With Cloud and Infrastructure Environments
  • Extension to New and Existing Prepaid Card Programs

Other Services

  • General Purpose Reloadable Cards
  • Closed Loop Solutions, Including Loyalty and Gift-card
  • White Label of Payment Engine
  • Cross Border Remittances Solution